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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stopping State Contracts to ACORN

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Governor  Bobby Jindal

Dear Friends,

This past week we reiterated our commitment to protecting Louisiana taxpayers' hard-earned dollars by issuing an executive order preventing the state from funding or entering into contracts that benefit the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).  The Executive Order will prevent any state departments, agencies, offices, boards, and officers from entering future contracts with ACORN, as well as force those entities to immediately eliminate funding for the organization, and for state agencies to report any such contracts to my executive council's office. 

Thus far, our search through current state records has led to, as reported by the Alexandria Town Talk, the "terminat[ion] financing of two social services contracts with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now." The actions carried out by ACORN have shown us all that Louisiana taxpayer dollars should not be used to assist the organization in anyway, and we will continue to protect your hard earned tax dollars as we move forward.

We also welcomed the reopening of Northwest Pipe Company's facility in Bossier City last week, which has been idle for three years. Once the plant is fully operational, it will bring up to 120 new jobs to our state that average $39,000 annually.
As the Shreveport Times reported, the company's officials were ""were pleasantly surprised how strong the economy was here, much better than any of the other locations where they operate facilities." This is yet another step forward in creating a world-class economy right here in Louisiana, and is a great example of how our state continues to outpace both economies around the south and the nation as a whole.
We brought the Louisiana Working Tour to Lutcher, Destrehan, Simpson, and Patterson last week to spread the word of our economic success throughout the state.  As the Leesville Daily Leader wrote, "Despite the national economic downturn, Louisiana's economy was recently rated the best in the south," and I am proud to lead the hardworking men and women of our state as we strengthen our economy.
We also awarded 423 of our state's veterans with the Louisiana Veterans' Honor Medal in Mansfield, Dodson, and Rayne. As I said in the Shreveport Times, "Their sacrifice and willingness to stand in harm's way is why we honor them with these medals," and I look forward to presenting these symbols of our appreciation to more of our veterans in the coming weeks.


Governor Bobby Jindal

Governor Bobby Jindal

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