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Thursday, January 15, 2009

It makes me tired...

What are we doing!?!?!

It all makes me so tired!

I don't wanna think about it sometimes...because it just frustrates me that our nation has.....decided to do this to themselves

we just continue to drown in more and more debt as a country

And its only natural for the children to do as the parent...right? so of course most of the individual citizens are in debt too!

The blame is not fully on the Government tho. We as consumers have not done a good job of staying informed and being smart shoppers. We just put it on the plastic to "get the points". What we don't take time to realize is...the amount of money you actually have to put on your card (spending money you don't really have that ends up costing you twice as much!)...ends up being enough to buy 4 trips to Europe instead of the ONE trip you "earn" with your points. You aren't EARNING ANYTHING!!! Unless you are one of the few out of the population who really does pay off the card in FULL at the end of the month...you are on the losing end of the deal! You end up paying for that trip, that free shirt, that dinner, whatever the "prize" may be, ten fold when you add up the interest and fees you are charged!

We should not be following in the Governments footsteps. I mean look at the mess they are making of our financial system...would you really want to follow them? We also need to stand up and take control of ourselves. Too many people are looking for the government to step in a "fix" things. I really don't want to give the government that much control of my life...do you? They already have too much power and have had too much power for a long time now... which results in the situation we are in now.

We as a country should be fighting the raising of taxes! That is the worst thing to do in a bad economic time! It just makes sense to keep taxes low for the people. But see the thing that is hush hush from the government is...it isn't really about the "people" anymore...its about government.

We should also be fighting income tax. It is money that we all work hard for and YET we PAY taxes on the money we EARN! What kind of sense does that make? Tax the things we BUY! .... If you give more people more money in their pockets....history has shown that most of the country doesn't know how to manage their money...and will end up spending it rather than saving it or paying off their debt! This will be good for everyone. And really...the smart ones would use the money to pay off debt or to save for an emergency. Everyone splurges from time to time...but right now I think less and less are doing it because there is so much fear in the economy. If we all hold on to our money...it will only get worse. The government is holding tightly to "their" money by not lowering taxes (giving a tax cut to people who don't work does not count as a tax cut!) and by taxing our income! And like I said earlier...the child is going to act like the parent. So be careful how you act..and in this case....where the government is the parent....choose to be a Rebel.

DISCLAIMER: this post is me blowing off steam...if it doesn't make sense to you...sorry! ahah! PLEASE leave a comment and let me know your thoughts...I really mean that! I am open to discussion and want to hear your views! :D Thanks for reading!