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Thursday, August 16, 2007

*Teacher in Space!!!

"HOUSTON — Teacher-astronaut Barbara Morgan transformed the space shuttle and space station into a classroom Tuesday for her first education session from orbit, fulfilling the legacy of Christa McAuliffe with joy and also some sadness.

"I've thought about Christa and the Challenger crew just about every day since 20-plus years ago," Morgan said in a series of interviews right before class got under way. "I hope that they know that they are here with us in our hearts."

Morgan, 55, who was McAuliffe's backup for the doomed 1986 flight, got her first opportunity to talk with schoolchildren late Tuesday afternoon, almost halfway through her two-week mission."



I thought some good news would be a nice change of pace. We don't get as excited about space travel as we used to. The nation used to stop in its tracks to watch a space launch. History was made this past week as a teacher finally made her way to space to teach from the shuttle! It is still an amazing thing that we can travel to space. Check out the link above for more photos and video of the historic event!