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Saturday, October 18, 2008


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Proof that Obama's camp faked his birth certificate

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Obama Citizenship??? Why should we trust him??

Friday, October 17, 2008

Why should someone tell me where my money goes???

An editorial by Paul Marx, Owner of radio station KBON 101.1FM

I was brought up believing that the United States of America was the
country that gave anyone the opportunity to be as successful as one
can achieve, but now it seems that many people believe that if you
become too successful you should be "punished"; if you make "too
much" money with your success some of that money should be taken away
from you and "shared" with those less fortunate, but aren't we are
already sharing?

Aren't the so called "less fortunate" in this country already being
taken care of? After all they get Federal housing, Food stamps,
medical cards and God knows what else. How much more should we give
them?? We have become a country filled with too many people who want
something for nothing. Do we just keep giving and giving to those who
contribute the least to the country? Shouldn't there instead be some
sort of plan to reward those who contribute to the country or at
least let those who earn success, enjoy it?

Why is it always so popular for a politician or political candidate
to talk about "more taxes" on the rich? Why can't people understand
that in most cases it is those so called "rich people" that own
businesses and create jobs. They are people who in many cases
started at the bottom and worked their way up, many taking a gamble
by investing their life savings into a business or idea. So, they
invest, build their business with hard work, hire people to work for
them and see some well earned success, then we punish them. That's
right folks, while the word "tax" is being used it's not
really "taxing" those people who earned success, it is punishing
those people. Is it fair that we take from these people
to "distribute the wealth"? Distribute to who??

I don't want the government to take money that I have worked hard for
and give it to someone who most likely does not contribute to this
country. I am fed up with driving down the streets at mid-day and
seeing people sitting outside smoking, drinking and playing cards
under a tree while I have to worry about my business; how the downed
economy will affect it. I am tired of going into a store all times of
the day and seeing people buying expensive steaks with food stamps
but having the cash to buy cartoons of cigarettes, bottles of wine or
whiskey and cases of beer. I am tired of driving by bars during work
hours and seeing the same cars there day after day. These are some of
the very people Presidential candidate Barak Obama wants to "spread
the wealth" to.

Anyway don't financially successful people spread the wealth on
their own by spending more money? I would think that they probably
buy bigger, more expensive homes, more expensive furniture, more
expensive automobiles, send their kids to college, etc. In other
words, besides creating jobs for other people who WANT to work, they
help the economy by spending that money that they have earned.
I agree with this "post" I found on a discussion board: "It is not
the governments job to determine who makes" too much" money, only to
make fair rules for all to follow. The smart and motivated will
succeed, the lazy will not".
To Quote "Joe the Plumber": "That's the American Dream to me. You
work hard. You're going to get what you want eventually. It's not
going to happen overnight by no means, but if you work hard enough
you will get it. I resent the government or Obama's plan to take more
away from me." -- (Joe Wurzelbacher, October 12, 2008).

As "Joe" told Diane Sawyer recently: "Americans should get treated
equally. Why do we have escalating tax brackets on higher incomes at
all? Why are we penalizing the success that we proclaim as the
American Dream"?

A writing by Peter Ferrara titled "Federal Income Taxes: Who Pays and
How Much" states: "Facts are that the top 1% of income earners are
paying 40% of federal income taxes, almost twice their share of
income, so the rich certainly seem to be paying their fair share, and
then some. Liberal politicians who say we need to raise taxes on the
rich so they will pay their fair share are either abusively
misleading the public or hopelessly ignorant regarding federal tax
policy. If 40% is not fair for the top 1%, what would be fair, 50%,
100%? Secondly, liberal politicians wailing about Republican tax cuts
for the rich are also either misleading the public, or hopelessly
uninformed. With the top 1% now paying 40% of income taxes, the top
5% paying 60%, and the top 40% paying 99.4%, where are the tax cuts
for rich? Clearly, federal income taxes are overwhelmingly paid by
upper income earners".

In my opinion, Barack Obama's political strategy seems to be more
welfare and give-away programs at the expense of not only who he
considers to be "rich", but also at the expense of the hard working
middle class Americans (Even though many of them may not realize that
yet); taking from them and giving to those who contribute the least
to this country.
It's very sad but it seems that America is becoming a nation of more
& more people with their hands out for charity & freebies, and I have
to give Barack Obama this. He's smart enough to realize that
promising to give more of "something for nothing" to these people
will get him millions of votes.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This election, maybe more than ever, it is very
important that you THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE and put AMERICA FIRST!

Thank you,

Owner/KBON 11.1FM

P.S. One more thing. Ask yourself, who would you have voted for if
this election had been right after 9/11? In your honest opinion who
do you think would have best acted on America's behalf?