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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

David Vitter: update 9 29 09



This month, we recognized  the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Rita's impact on Louisiana.  I also  made a move to reduce the power of the president's "czars" and to increase our  gas and energy exploration to help reduce costs and create new jobs.

Below you can read about  these and other issues that I'm working on, such as ensuring that your tax  dollars don't go to ACORN.


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Photo Spotlight

Here I am pictured with representatives of the Louisiana Green Building Council when they came by my DC office to talk about the efforts and goals of their organization. 

This past week, we paused  to remember the impact of Hurricane Rita on southwest Louisiana.  Rita's  significant impact on our state is often overlooked by the devastation of  Hurricane Katrina but this event affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of  our friends and neighbors.  On the fourth anniversary of Rita's impact, I  wanted to remember this event and recognize the spirit and determination of  southwest Louisianians as they continue the recovery process even today.   Read the text of my full statement here.

This month, I filed an  amendment that would limit the power of the president's "czars" to make and  implement policy.  These advisors now number somewhere in the 20s, and  they wield significant power over domestic programs and government agencies  despite their not being approved by the Senate like members of the president's  cabinet.  You can read more about this amendment here.

Last year, the  prohibitions on OCS drilling expired, allowing us to move ahead with a more  sensible approach to gas and energy exploration that would allow us to greatly  reduce costs on American families.  But now we are seeing delays from the  Obama Administration that would stall that progress we made.  That's why I  filed an amendment to the Interior-Environment appropriations bill that would  prevent funds from being used to delay the implementation of an expanding  drilling program that would boost our economy and increase our gas and energy  supplies. You can learn more about the amendment here at my website.

Over the past year, we've  all seen stories about the voter fraud and other allegations against the  activist group ACORN.  Last week the U.S. Senate voted to block future  taxpayer dollars from being awarded to ACORN.  But this month, it came to  my attention that ACORN had been awarded a $1 million grant from a program that  was designed to assist firefighters and fire departments.  This is simply  unacceptable, and I wrote a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet  Napolitano asking her to rescind this grant and see that this money goes to  those fire departments in the need of most assistance.  To learn more  about this situation, click here.

For any other questions or concerns visit my Web site at: www.vitter.senate.gov.





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