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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Can anyone tell me who to complain to?

So in the last week alone two people I know have been laid off! The job market is terrible. I am looking myself right now too. However, mine is because I had to move because of circumstances out of my control. Which meant that I had to quit the 2 jobs that I was working because I couldn't find one job that would pay enough. Even though it was hard I did like both the jobs I had. It just makes me so sick when all I see on the news is stuff about the dumb bailout that is just taxpayers money down the drain. I mean...DID IT WORK LAST TIME? Why don't they give us lower taxes and let us keep our money! The ones who actually want to live better and get out of debt will do so and the ones who still haven't learned will waste the money and end up fueling the economy for REAL! (instead of a "stimulus package" that does not really stimulate anything but Government control) Or what about getting rid of the income tax? When people work hard and GET TAXED for it....that makes NO sense! TAX what people BUY! That way seems fair to me. But that probably won't happen because that would mean that the government actually did something that makes sense or is fair across the board. And it really wouldn't fit in with the whole "share the wealth" thing obama has planned. I mean it is crazy to think that people who work for their money should actually get to keep it?!?! Right! HA! What I think is crazy is people who are able to work but don't because its easier to take a handout from the government. Of course to them it makes sense. Because they are selfish. I am not talking about people who can't work! So don't start getting defensive! I am talking about people who can but choose not to. And really...they are thinking what I think sometimes....why should I bother? All I can find for work is a low paying job that ends up paying even less when they take out taxes so really...I'll just stay home and get paid to do nothing! The thing is I choose not to do this because even tho it seems like the easy thing to do and maybe even the right thing to some people because they can "stick it to the government"....its not. Someone pays for this choice. We may not feel it now...but our children will...and our grandchildren will. But all I hear from people on the news who are in favor of this bailout crap or the "spread the wealth" garbage is that we have to think of ourselves now EVEN when we know that our kids and grandkids will be paying for our bad choices because of our selfishness. Does that make sense to anyone? I don't want my grandkids asking me why the USA isn't what it used to be and all I have to tell them is that people didn't care what shape they were going to leave the country in for them. So I know they job market is bad...I am still hunting for a job. But I do know jobs are out there. I also know that people are being too picky. People are sitting around going into debt waiting for the perfect job to fall in their lap. Its not gonna happen people! Get off your butt and work somewhere you might not like to pay the bills! One of the two people who I mentioned at the start of this post is applying anywhere they can! This not the time to be picky. The government isn't going to help those of us who actually want to work. But the other choice to sit at home and collect a check from the government isn't a good choice either...think about the future of this country. We can't become a country dependent on the government for our livelihood. If we end up there....they might as well call us the Hopeless States of America.

*another venting post! :D