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Saturday, October 20, 2007


Use the link below to visit and compare candidates so you can make an educated Choice!!!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

*Info about upcoming LA elections!

Election Information...
^Click the link above to find out any of the following...
>Dates and Times
>My Ballot
>Candidate Qualifying
>Where Do I Vote?
>What District Am I In?
>Ballots by Parish
>Proposed Constitutional Amendments
>Important Dates for 2007 Election Cycle for State Legislators
>Other Statewide Races
>Members Elected Without Opposition: Senate House
>Members Retiring: Senate House
>Members Term-Limited: Senate House
>Campaign Finance Disclosure
>Campaign Finance Contribution Report
>Campaign Finance Expenditure Report

Louisiana Candidates and Referendums
November 2007 General Election

^This is a directory of Louisiana Candidates and Referendums November 2006 General Election provided by Vote-USA.
Use the candidate name links to obtain
a) biographical information about each candidate,
b) each candidate's position and views on issues, and
c) a pictures of each candidate.

Use the office buttons to obtain side-by-side comparisons of the candidates' views and positions on various issues.

Who is running for what???