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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why the White House wants to control the Census...

...and why we shouldn't let them get it!

Its a very simple reason why the white house wants to control the census...and it has nothing to with making sure there is "accountability" or "accuracy" because we all know thats not gonna happen...at least not for the next 4 yrs. Its clear that Obama still thinks he is running for something...and is still playing the politician card...and the good speech guy....but that can only get you so far! It has not impressed me yet and he won't impress me still he says something true...and steps up and stands up for what this country was built on. And tht is nothing he has spoken of so far. But I digress....

The white house wants to control the Census because ....guess who decides districts....and electoral colleges? If the white house has any kind of influence on this you can guarantee who ever runs against Obama in 2012 probably wouldn't have half a chance because of the results of the "accurate" census. That is the very simple reason that we can't let them get their greedy hands on it. This bailout is a joke and is only a payback to the people who got him elected. I mean seriously....how is money for ACORN gonna stimulate the economy? haha! But they sure did stimulate his "eligible" voter pool.

Your thoughts? I know you have some. Don't hold back....thats the problem...we have been silent too long!

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