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Monday, October 8, 2007

*Hillary would ruin this nation!

This is one of the reasons why I will NOT BE VOTING FOR HER! As much as I think it would be a big step for women...I can't vote for her! I think that she would not only be the first woman president...she would also be the last!

If you are voting for her..tell me why?!!?? I do not understand why anyone would choose her of all the candidates...even tho our choices are lacking....but HER??!! As far as I am concerned if the name "Clinton" never made it back into the white house the US would be better off!

Convince me otherwise?! Who are you voting for...and why? Let your voice be heard! We are becoming a silent generation and we are slowly killing our freedoms and leaving no hope left for our children and grand children. Is it that you really don't are? Or are you scared?(post with no name then!)....or are you just lazy??

visit this link if you need help with who to vote for...it is a chart of where they stand on popular issues:


Have a good one!