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Friday, January 18, 2008

I am concerned...

As I was watching the news I started to wonder...about WHY people vote and support candidates. I am concerned that we migrate to people who are like us. Well, people who are like us on the outside that is. I have a feeling there are women out there who are only supporting Hillary because she is a woman. And I would almost bet money that if you asked those supporters for more detail as to why they support her...you wouldn't get a very sound response. I also hope that the same thing is not happening for Obama...because he is a Black man. The same thing is probably happening with Huckabee as well. That because he is a Christian...other christians just assume that they would agree with his views. The same thing is probably happening with Romney too...because he is a mormon. I could go down the list of candidates...but I'll stop for now.

I hope that we would all just take a few minutes and look at WHO they are...WHERE they come from....WHAT they want to do to our country and then decide! If we don't...we will regret it.