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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BRTP Action Alert




Baton Rouge Tea Party

Action Alert

October 5, 2009

Action Alert #25


Upcoming Events

"Beat the Bond" Town-Hall in Central

September 30th @ 6:30pm

Book Club Meeting

October 15th 6:30pm

Healthcare Town-Hall with Rep. Bill Cassidy

October 19th @ 6:00pm

"Beat the Bond" Town-Hall @ Jones Creek Library

October 21st @ 6:30pm

Officer Elections and General Membership Meeting

October 27th @ 6:30pm

"Beat the Bond" Town-Hall @ Baton Rouge Marriot

October 28th @ 6:30pm










Tell Mary Landrieu to Vote "NO" on Cloture

The full Senate will be voting on the healthcare reform bill in the next 2 to 3 weeks. We have a unique opportunity in Louisiana to help defeat this bill. One tactic that may be used by the left is a procedure known as 'cloture". This procedure would end debate on the healthcare bill and rob the American people of a chance to read it. Senator Mary Landrieu is one of 13 key Senators that can be pressured in to voting no to the use of cloture. We only need ONE democrat Senator out of 60 to defeat the Cloture procedure so contact Mary Landrieu today and tell her to vote "NO" on using the cloture procedure.

Senator Mary Landrieu (LA)
Chief of Staff: Jane Campbell
Washington, DC (202) 224-5824 / (202) 224-9735 fax
New Orleans (504) 589-2427 / (504) 589-4023 fax
Baton Rouge (225) 389-0395 / (225) 389-0660 fax
Shreveport (318) 676-3085 / (318) 676-3100 fax
Lake Charles (337) 436-6650 / (337) 439-3762 fax

Beat the Bond: Metro Council to Hold Special Meeting

The Baton Rouge Metro Council has formally announced that a special meeting on removing the bond proposal from the November ballot will be held on October 12 @ 2:00pm in the Metro Council Chambers. It is vital that we have a strong presence of people that favor removing the bond from the ballot at this meeting. Removing the proposal from the ballot now will save our state approximately $480,000!

Also, continue to email the metro council and let them know that you would like them to remove the proposal from the ballot: metrocouncil@brgov.com

Health care Town-Hall with Rep. Bill Cassidy

The Baton Rouge Tea Party will be hosting a health care town-hall will Rep. Bill Cassidy. The health care debate has changed significantly since the August recess and this is a great opportunity for everyone to get informed and be up to date. Be sure to let your friends, family and coworkers know about this great event.

What: Health Care Town-Hall with Congressman Bill Cassidy

When: October 19th @ 6:00pm

Where: Baton Rouge Marriot. 5500 Hilton Ave.

Tailgaiting Organizer Needed

We are looking for someone to head up our tailgaiting efforts at all LSU home games. We have the tents and banners, now all we need is YOU! Email info@batonrougeteaparty.net if you would like to volunteer to help with LSU tail gaiting.

Canvassing Day on October 17th. WE NEED YOU!!!

Our "Beat the Bond" campaign is well under way and we are making great progress. To keep up this pace we need your help! On Saturday, October 17th we will be canvassing neighborhoods with information about the bond and our Town-Hall meetings. LSU has a bye this week so it is a great opportunity to get out there and make our voices heard. We will meet at the Jones Creek Library @ 12:00 noon. (Please note: if the bond is taken off of the November ballot then we will canvass neighborhoods with information on our Health Care town-hall with Rep. Cassidy.)


The Tea Party is continuing to make a difference on all levels of Government. Come and join us this weekend as we unwind a little and cheer our LSU Tigers on to victory. We will be Tail Gaiting all day so it should be great time.  We will send a follow up email to everyone to let you know where we will be set up. Also, be sure to take a look at the side bar and click on the link for the Book Club. This is a great opportunity to meet with folks and exchange ideas.



Dwight Hudson

Chairman, Legislative Action Committee



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