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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Barack Obama has made a power grab to take over the census bureau

Dear CU members:

There are two important things we'd like to bring to your attention so bear with us. I'll get the least important of them out of the way first. We'd like to compile an e-mail list of people who would like to receive updates about various events concerning our website (http://conservativetoday.org/). Obviously, we can reach you anytime via Facebook mass message, but there's simply too much going on to do that. Mass messages will be used sparingly, mostly reserved for calls to action over impending egregious legislation and the like. However, anyone who would like to be notified through e-mail with updates about the group and CT website may send your email addresses to this guy right here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=6849715&ref=profile#/profile.php?id=1540290069. This is only for people who want this service. We also have an RSS feed available for anyone who wants to subscribe in that way: http://blog.conservativetoday.org/. It's the orange button in your address bar. And we do strongly encourage you to visit our website.

Now, to more pressing things…

As you may or may not know, Barack Obama has made a power grab to take over the census bureau. Traditionally, the Census Bureau is independent and is overseen by the Commerce Department. However, Barack Obama has decided to break over 100 years of precedent by putting the responsibility of computing the 2010 census under the watchful eye of Rahm Emmanuel, his chief of staff. This isn't your typical gerrymandering. With the white House controlling the census bureau with no one to answer to or keep them in check, there is nothing to stop the administration from manipulating statistical data in order to mitigate or completely erase the additional electoral votes that were expected to be allocated to red states like Texas, as well as other southern states. I suspect this is the administration's aim. This is, after all, the same administration that just congratulated Hugo Chavez on his success in removing term limits in Venezuela, paving the way for indefinite rule.

What we'd like you to do is very simple. First, email your Senators to express your disapproval of what the administration is doing. If you have Republican Senators then ask them to speak up about it and speak up about it loud. Unless Republicans force this issue into the spotlight, the media will continue to ignore it and the public will have no idea of the administration's flagrant abuse of authority. Second, do the same thing with the congressman of your district and ask that there be a House investigation into the administration's actions regarding the Census Bureau. Your emails don't need to be long or complex or super sophisticated. What's important is that you make your point and that these people hear from us… lots of us.

Contact info for all 100 Senators: http://senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

Contact Congress: http://www.house.gov/. If you don't know who your congressman is you can find out by looking in the upper left hand corner where it says "Find your Representative." Just enter your zip code in the space provided; a link with your representative's name will pop up. Follow the link and you should be able to find all of your representative's contact info, including email. Usually there will be either be a "contact" tab that will take you directly to your representative's contact info or a "services" tab that opens up a drop-down menu that includes a "contact" link.

Also, if you're feeling up to it, you might want to email Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell (http://mcconnell.senate.gov/contact_form.cfm) and House Republican leader John Boehner (http://republicanleader.house.gov/Contact/) and tell them to rally the GOP to this cause.



PS: If you are an administrator of your own group feel free to copy and paste the above message and send it out to your own members.

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